I’ve been a musician my entire life, and this gives me a unique view of how bands play and communicate during performance. I work towards capturing that energy, between the players or to the audience, while always exploring the magic that is being made. This is why I have been fortunate enough to work with global artists as well as local bands – I love this part of my work and am always open to more.


I believe the best portraits convey the inner soul of a person. When I work with a client I tend to spend as much time with them in discussion as I do actually taking photographs. This interaction allows me to get to know and understand the subject matter for who they are and to work collaboratively to bring that out. Fun and spirited, sporty or sexy, shy and demure – anything is possible. Everything is fun.


From capturing moments and locations while traveling to hosting photo walks for budding photographers, this aspect of my work is one that I cherish on a personal level. I always have a camera at hand and this allows me to immediately explore people and places as I travel the world with my lens. From time to time, I host a few people to walk or hike and for us all be using our cameras and exploring and exchanging ideas.