My focus has always been about capturing an emotion, a feeling, something that preserves that fraction of time for ongoing memories.

I specialize in capturing the energy of live events, the essence of portraits, and the beauty of a world as our canvas.

Richard Kerris, Photographer

Photography’s been my passion since I was a kid, starting with any camera I could grab. Polaroids, film cameras – you name it! College dorms even saw a darkroom in my bathroom (remember the smell of developing film?). My goal has always been to capture emotions and feelings – those fleeting moments that become cherished memories.

I’ve been mentored by some of the best photographers in the world, including Mick Rock, who taught me to ‘focus on the energy; everything else is secondary.’ Asa Mathat, who pushes me to ‘experiment and discover from mistakes, make more mistakes!’ and Doug Menuez, who enlightened me to always ‘consider the composition.’ I’m very lucky to have these photography geniuses in my world, and am always grateful to be inspired by their work.

As a musician myself, I bring a unique perspective to capturing artists on stage, focusing on what makes their performances special. In portraits, collaboration is key – It’s rare that I do the same shots twice but instead work with the subject to uncover more about who they are and the emotions they want to convey. It’s a collaborative process every time.

Beyond the stage and the studio, the world is my canvas. Whether it’s capturing the breathtaking beauty of a new landscape or the quiet moments during travel, my personal projects allow me to explore and tell stories through my lens. This constant exploration fuels my creativity and keeps my vision fresh for all my photographic endeavors.

This approach ensures that every project, big or small, is infused with a unique perspective and a passion for capturing the essence of a moment.

Richard's Work

Explore a curated selection of my work, showcasing everything from captivating portraits and timeless weddings to the raw energy of live events and the breathtaking beauty of landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about working with Richard Kerris
  • What is your photography style?

    My photography style is all about capturing emotions and creating lasting stories through my lens. Whether it’s the raw energy of a live performance, the true essence of a portrait, or the breathtaking beauty of a landscape, I strive to go beyond the surface and capture the feeling of a moment.

    I’ve learned from some of the best photographers in the world, and their influence is reflected in my focus on composition and capturing energy. Collaboration is key, especially in portraits, where I work with my subjects to bring out their inner selves and the emotions they want to convey. Ultimately, I aim for unique and personalized images that tell a story and create lasting memories.

  • What is your experience with live event photography?

    I have extensive experience capturing the energy and excitement of live events. As a lifelong musician myself, I understand the unique dynamics of performers and their connection with the audience. This allows me to anticipate key moments and capture the raw energy that unfolds on stage. I’m comfortable working in various lighting conditions and have the technical expertise to ensure stunning visuals, whether it’s a high-octane rock concert or a more intimate acoustic performance.

  • How can I contact you to discuss a project?

    The easiest way to reach me is through my contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Do you offer different photography packages?

    Absolutely! I understand that every project has unique needs. I offer a variety of photography packages to accommodate different budgets and requirements. Feel free to contact me for a personalized consultation.

  • How long will it take to receive my final photos?

    The turnaround time for your final photos will depend on the complexity of the project and my current workload. Typically, you can expect to receive your edited photos within 2-4 weeks. I will provide you with a more specific timeframe after our initial consultation and will keep you updated throughout the editing process.

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Richard knows how to capture musicians

Richard knows how to capture musicians in the best way possible, through their spirit and emotions

A masterpiece of dedication and artistry

Through the lens of patience and the aperture of persistence, Richard captures not just moments, but emotions frozen in time. Guiding him has been a journey of watching his vision develop, frame by frame, into a masterpiece of dedication and artistry. It has been a true honor to witness his growth.

His lighting is beautiful. I can’t say enough

I love Working with richard. He makes you feel so comfortable which is what you want in front of the camera to create a great portrait/photo. Richard is friendly and kind and just a sweetheart. His lighting is beautiful. I can’t say enough.

Captured the Magic of Our Family Reunion

Richard Kerris Photography was the perfect choice for capturing our recent family reunion. He has a wonderful way of putting everyone at ease and creating a natural, relaxed atmosphere. The photos perfectly captured the joy and love of our family gathering. We especially loved the candid shots that truly showcase everyone’s personalities. Richard’s attention to detail and artistic vision shine through in every image. We will cherish these photographs for years to come. Thank you, Richard!

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